to the Core 5 Incident, a collaborative group dedicated to bringing together skilled creative professionals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to produce uniquely immersive experiences centered on food, art, and community.

What is a Culinary Incident?

A culinary incident is an art occurrence that immerses the audience into a world parallel to their own. Food is considered a vital member of the cast, each ingredient carefully picked to enhance the experience of food and art creates a performance for the body and mind. Elements are borrowed from theater, installation art, music, and even stories told around a campfire, bit the combination serves to engage the audience in a unique experience. What could be an ethereal or abstract art program is grounded in community, using local produce, supplies, artists, and ideas whenever possible. The sum owes tribute to its components but subtly tweaks each of them and recombines them into an irreducible blend of art, food, and theatre that we call a Culinary Incident.

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