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Our initiated care of orphans and disabled children caring activities

In order to return to the community, in November 27th the company launched the theme of "V L G - love and caring for orphans and disabled children" campaign. Lv Zong, Lu, deputy general company and 8 colleagues, composed of VLG love team, on behalf of VLG company to Shenzhen Huayang special children's rehabilitation center sent the children warm.

On the afternoon of 27, VLG love team entered Shenzhen Huayang special children's rehabilitation center. Under the guidance of the staff, we visit the children of the rehabilitation center. VLG love team and the children shook hands, embrace and communicate with them, to the children to take care.

According to the staff, Huayang special children's rehabilitation center has 144 special children, with age from a few months to teenage. Which is more than 70% orphans and disabled children, are children abandoned by their parents. Each of the children here are suffering from physical disorders in different degree, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, hearing impaired, physically handicapped and so on. Some of the children, not only physical defects, but also psychological barriers, suffering from autism.

To the time of the children's activities, love team members to prepare the balloon in advance to the children of the hands of a balloon. Together or holding a child's hand, or gently hold the child, to accompany the children to play on the playground, the scene is particularly warm...... Under the sun, the children burst into a beautiful smile to become the most beautiful rehabilitation center of a landscape.

VLG actively joined to the care of the children, the warmth of love into the inner lack of children. Although only a few hours, but it is a lot of people's love relay, the warmth of the children a day and a day of hard life. Before leaving the rehabilitation center, donated money to charity Huayang special children's rehabilitation center.

The company held this event is to hope to give this group of lovely children to bring material and spiritual comfort. This also reflects the rapid development of the company at the same time do not forget to take on a corporate social responsibility, and strive to return to society's historical mission.