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Xi'an High-tech Zone to participate in the signing ceremony ITEFCEWC

   For the development of the western market, in early April the company should Xi'an High-tech Zone to invite, should be about to participate in China East-West Cooperation and Investment Trade Fair (referred ITEFCEWC).

     The ITEFCEWC on April 5 opened in Xi'an, the whole process will be a period of five days.

     The company invited ITEFCEWC, mainly to the company's strategic development in the west to provide better external environment and development space. November 2010, the Division I open up the western market business in Xi'an High-tech Zone to invest 10 million to establish the product design and development center.

      It is reported that in Xi'an High-tech Zone in western China's most influential state-level high-tech park, there are two years of development, there are over 16,000 types of enterprises and institutions stationed.